This is a quick tutorial to help you set up and test your Bland AI webhook. We’ll include instructions both for inbound and outbound phone calls.

We’ll start with inbound because it’s more popular.

Step 1: Create your webhook

To create a test webhook visit

The website will automatically provide you a unique webhook URL.

Step 2: Connect to your inbound phone number

Open your developer portal and visit the inbound phone numbers page.

Paste your webhook into the webhook field. Make sure to remove the initial https:// when you insert the URL. Then click test webhook.

Step 3: Verifying your outputs

Navigate to page, and check if the test webhook fired correctly. You’ll know it worked because a new record will populate.

At this point, if your record fails to populate, double check that you provided the correct URL - and that you REMOVED the initial https:// from it.

Otherwise, if issues persist, jump into the discord - one of our teammates will help you asap.

Step 4: test a live phone call

Call your inbound phone number. Once it ends, visit the Webhook site and confirm once again that a new record populated.

If that’s working, then you’re set!

Step 5: Testing for outbound calls

To test for outbound calls, once again create your webhook by referring back to step 1.

Then, follow the send phone call docs to create and send a phone call. Make sure you include the webhook as a parameter in your request. After, confirm that the webhook data populated on your webhook site page.

And again, if you encounter issues, jump into discord and message us - we will help asap.