// Headers
const headers = {
  authorization: "YOUR-API-KEY-HERE",

// Data
const data = {
  phone_number: "+11233456789",
  task: "You are calling Fantastic Airlines on behalf of John Doe. Find out where John's Bags are located.",
  voice_id: 0,
  language: "eng",
  request_data: {
    calling: "Fantastic Airlines",
    bag_claim: "69683",
    airline_code: "UA123",
  record: true,
  reduce_latency: true,
  amd: true,

// API request
await axios.post("https://api.bland.ai/v1/calls", data, { headers });

Step 1: Setup Your Authorization

Before making a call, you need to authenticate your request. Make sure you have your API key ready.

Sign up on the developer portal to get yours.

Step 2: Prepare the Call Data

You will need to provide specific details for the call. These include:

  • phone_number: The number you want to call. Remember to include the country code.
  • task: Describe the purpose of the call and how the AI should handle the conversation.
  • voice_id: Choose the voice persona (American male, Australian female, etc.) based on your preference.
  • Set parameters like reduce_latency, record, amd (for navigating phone trees), and wait_for_greeting according to your call’s requirements.

Step 3: Customize the Call

You can further personalize the call by:

  1. Setting a first_sentence for the call.
  2. Specifying dynamic_data to incorporate external API data.
  3. Adjusting voice_settings for stability, similarity, and speed.
  4. Choosing the language with the language parameter.
  5. Setting a max_duration for the call.

Step 4: Send the API Request

Use the provided JavaScript or Python code snippet to make the API request.

Step 5: Handle the Response

After the call, you will receive a response with the status and call_id. If you set record to true, you can retrieve the recording using the /call/recording endpoint.

Here’s what an example response might look like:

  "status": "success",
  "call_id": "9d404c1b-6a23-4426-953a-a52c392ff8f1"

Step 6: Monitor the Call

If you have set up a webhook, you will receive real-time notifications and transcripts once the call completes.

And that’s it! You’re now ready to make your first AI-powered phone call with Bland AI. Happy calling!