Enterprise customers can connect their own Twilio account to Bland. Easily bring over your existing phone numbers, integrations, and more.


  • Your own Twilio account

Step 1: Creating an Encrypted Key with your Twilio Credentials

  1. Go to your Twilio Console and get your Account SID and Auth Token.
  2. Create an encrypted_key by sending an API request to Bland.

This is the only time that your encrypted_key will be returned to you. Make sure to store it securely, and new keys will need to be generated if lost.

Step 2: Using the Encrypted Key in Outbound Calls

Include encrypted_key in the headers (in addition to the Authorization header) of your API requests, and we’ll use that account’s credentials to make the call.

For example:

    "Authorization": "BLAND_API_KEY",
    "encrypted_key": "YOUR_ENCRYPTED_KEY"


  • You can set your from number in the API request - this will need to be a number owned by that Twilio account (and not one purchased through Bland).
  • By default, we’ll send calls from a randomly selected number in the specified Twilio account if a from is not specified.

Step 3: Uploading Inbound numbers

  1. Go to your Twilio Console and get your Twilio phone number(s).
  2. Upload your numbers through the API.

We’ll validate that these numbers are owned by that account and add them to your Bland account.

Step 4: Configuring Inbound Numbers/Webhooks

Note: When updating inbound numbers, the headers need to include the encrypted_key in addition to the Authorization header. Doing so makes sure the updates are applied to the correct Twilio account.

Once you update an inbound number through the Dev Portal or API, that number will be automatically configured to run on Bland’s infrastructure. No additional steps are required!