curl --request POST \

Registering an A2P Brand via API

This documentation provides detailed information on how to register an Application-to-Person (A2P) brand by making a POST request to our API. The process involves submitting your brand’s details for registration and verification purposes.

A2P Registration is required for all businesses who wish to send SMS. There can be signifcant fines for any non compliant messages. A2P Registration can take 2 days -> 2 Weeks.


POST /api/registerA2PBrand

Required Headers

  • Authorization: Your API key for authentication.

Request Parameters

Your request should include a JSON body with the following parameters:

  • businessName (string): The legal name of your business.
  • ein (string): Your Employer Identification Number.
  • address (string): The business address.
  • city (string): The city of your business.
  • state (string): The state of your business. Must be a valid US state code.
  • postalCode (string): The postal code of your business.
  • country (string): The country of your business.
  • email (string): The email address for your business.
  • type (string): Legal structure of the business. Possible values: “Partnership”, “Limited Liability Corporation”, “Co-operative”, “Non-profit Corporation”, “Corporation”
  • website (string): Your business’s website URL.
  • opt_in_info (string): Information regarding opt-in procedures for your messaging service. EX: “Customers must explicitly consent on our website and during the phone call.”
  • messageSamples (array): An array of three strings, each a sample message you plan to use.
  • trusted_user (object): An object containing details about the trusted user registering the brand. Includes position, last_name, phone_number, first_name, and email.

Ex. of trusted_user obj:

    "position": "CEO" //must be C Suite or VP,

Error Handling

Our API provides detailed error messages to help you understand what went wrong in case of a failure:

  • 400 Bad Request: This response occurs if any required fields are missing in your request or if the state code is invalid. The response body will include a message specifying the missing or incorrect fields.
  • 500 Internal Server Error: Indicates an unexpected error on the server side. The response body will contain an error message with more details.

Successful Response

A successful request returns a 200 OK status code with a JSON body containing a message indicating the registration was successful and any relevant data or identifiers related to the A2P brand registration.

Important* The Brand Registration can take several attempts and days to weeks to complete. This success only indicates we submitted the registration correctly.

  "message": "A2P Brand registration successful.",
  "data": {...}