// Headers
const headers = {
  authorization: "YOUR-API-KEY-HERE",

// Data
const data = {
  phone_number: "+11233456789",
  task: "Inquire about the latest product updates.",
  max_duration: "10", // Call lasts for 10 minutes max

// API request
await axios.post("https://api.bland.ai/v1/calls", data, { headers });


Controlling the length of your AI-powered phone calls is crucial for efficiency and cost-effectiveness. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to set a max_duration for your calls using Bland AI.

Step 1: Understand max_duration

The max_duration parameter allows you to specify the longest duration you want your call to last, measured in minutes. Once the set duration is reached, the call will automatically end.

Step 2: Setup Your Authorization

Ensure you have your API key ready for authentication. If you haven’t obtained one, sign up on the developer portal.

Step 3: Define max_duration in Your Call Data

When preparing your call data, include the max_duration parameter. You can set it as a float or a string.

Example values: "30", "5.5", 45, 2.8.

Here’s how you might include it in your request data:

    "phone_number": "+11233456789",
    "task": "Inquire about the latest product updates.",
    "max_duration": "10", // Call lasts for 10 minutes max

Step 4: Send the API Request

Use the provided JavaScript or Python code snippet to make the API request, ensuring you include the max_duration parameter.

Step 5: Test and Adjust

After setting max_duration, test your calls to ensure they’re ending at the desired time. Adjust as necessary based on your needs and feedback.


Setting a max_duration for your calls ensures they are concise and to the point, saving time and resources. You’re now ready to efficiently manage the length of your AI-powered calls with Bland AI.

Remember, the key is to find the right balance between giving enough time for meaningful interaction and keeping the calls concise. Happy calling!