The integration process involves several key steps, starting with setting up your Botpress server and configuring your Bland AI account to ensure both platforms can communicate effectively. You’ll learn how to authenticate your Botpress instance with Bland AI, send dynamic data (like phone numbers and intents) from chatbot conversations to Bland AI, and initiate voice calls based on user inputs or specific triggers within your chatbot workflows. This guide is also a great way for no-coders to deploy a bland AI project easily, with little to no coding experience.

This guide will cover:

  1. Setting Up Botpress: Instructions on preparing your Botpress environment for integration, including installation and basic configuration.
  2. Configuring Bland AI: How to set up your Bland AI account, obtain necessary API keys, and understand the API’s capabilities related to voice interactions.
  3. Integration Workflow: Step-by-step guidance on creating workflows in Botpress that interact with Bland AI’s API, focusing on initiating voice calls to user-provided numbers.
  4. Testing and Troubleshooting: Tips for testing your integrated solution to ensure it works as expected and troubleshooting common issues that may arise during the integration process.
  5. Advanced Use Cases: Ideas and examples for leveraging this integration to create innovative chatbot applications that blend chat and voice interactions in unique and valuable ways.

Getting started

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